Basket & Bike Makes Anne Blackwell Thompson's Guide to Richmond

We are so excited to be part of Anne Blackwell Thompson's Guide to Richmond as included on The Southern Coterie!  You can read the full article HERE and read our excerpt below: 

If you are in a cycling state of mind, book a tour with Basket & Bike Excursions and enjoy a tour led by a local guide to Upper Shirley Vineyards in Charles City.  In 2012, Richmond was named “Best River Town Ever” and many of the cycle tours follow the Capital Trail along the James River.  Once arriving at Upper Shirley, be sure to bask in the ample views of the James River and culinary treats.  I highly recommend the shrimp and grits!


Many thanks to travel writer Michael Solender for the mention in this terrific article - Take a revolutionary road trip to Southeastern Virginia this summer.  We are excited to spread the word about our fun day excursions, getting more people to RIDE • SAVOR • CONNECT on our Signature Ride with Wine Tasting at Upper Shirley Vineyards!  This article just might give you some ideas for your summer travel excursions.  Thanks Michael!


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