BASKET & BIKE offers hand-crafted bicycle excursions and picnic rides on the newly-completed Virginia Capital Trail and in town on the avenues of Richmond and Williamsburg.  Every excursion aims to celebrate life along Virginia's pastoral landscapes and encourages biking as an everyday mode of transportation.  All BASKET & BIKE rides are led by a local guide, come with a signature snack and cold water, housed in attractive water bottles, and will end with delicious local fare in a scenic setting.  Comfortable bicycles with stylish baskets and helmets are part of the experience.  BASKET & BIKE is about riding out to new places, savoring the day and connecting with life wherever you find it.


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Meet the Founder

A warm welcome to Basket & Bike!  I am Anne Poarch and am so glad you have happened upon our site.  At Basket & Bike we hope to bring you more than a bike tour. We want you to feel empowered by pedaling through some of the most beautiful and historic parts of Virginia, feeling uplifted and transported to a relaxed state of mind.  As a woman much touched by the beauty and healing powers of God’s natural world, that we were created to serve as stewards of that world is a calling. After 20+ years in the financial services industry I am excited to bring those skills to bear on my passions: Life. Faith. Nature. Making Connections.  

I am a daughter, wife, mother, poet, singer, songwriter, lover of gardens, and birds, books and history. I ride my bike (with a basket of course!) to farmer’s markets, to church (yes, in my heels), and around the near west end of Richmond to coffee shops, museums and parks, as a way to stay fit, and to reduce my carbon footprint. I encourage everyone to do the same and discover life more fully by stepping out on a bike. There's nothing quite like the freedom of a bike with the promise of a southern picnic spread!

Website images courtesy Felicia Shelton, Thomas Hash, and Anne Poarch