• Departing from Upper Shirley Vineyards at 10am, enjoy a leisurely 14 mile bicycle ride on the Virginia Capital Trail

  • Comfortable, chic Priority Bicycles fitted with Nantucket Bike Baskets

  • Stylish Helmet, Signature Snack and Guided Tour

  • Wine Tasting included on each excursion

  • Optional Gourmet Farm-to-Table Lunch at Upper Shirley Vineyard

  • $125pp excursion only

  • $170pp excursion with lunch • includes shared app, entree, and glass of Upper Shirley wine

  • $5 of each riders excursion goes to support one of our rotating conservation partners

  • Please allow 3-4 hours for this excursion

Our ride begins at the recently opened Upper Shirley Vineyard for our tour devoted to the amazing history and health of this Charles City County area and her beautiful James River that has rightly been called The River Where America Began.  From the geological formations of the river, to the Native Americans of the Algonquin Nation that called this home some 15,000 years before Englishmen arrived. From these very early English settlers, who created a new nation of freedom on the shores of this river, to the Africans who arrived in chains to bear the brunt of the work in building this industry of cotton and tobacco we will face the inspiring and the sometimes uncomfortable truths of our history.  That three nations came together to form the wonderful country we know as America will be weaved as we pedal past plantation homes, such as Shirley, Westover and Berkeley, and through cotton fields, appreciating the fact that it is truly America’s story.  We will touch on her future with stops introducing you to VCU’s Rice Rivers Center and their work on water quality and preserving the health of all rivers.  We will bike on to Historic Westover Parish Church, established in 1613.  From here we will hop back on the trail for our return trip to Shirley Plantation, to be reminded, this history is our story.  And the truthful telling of it, our legacy.  Just as the ability to raise up from the same ground where cotton grew, a vineyard.  Where after our tour along the trail we can come together at Upper Shirley Vineyard, connecting at the communal table, sharing reflections and stories and friendship.  We will have wheeled our way through 400 years of history to a modern vineyard for wine tasting celebrating good friends and shared connections.

*Note:  The River Where America Began:  A Journey Along the James is also the title of a book published in 2007 by Richmond native, Bob Deans

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